Welcome to my personal web pages

I am Fabrice Popineau, born in ‘64.

After a short period working for Cap Gemini (Paris, 1989 – 1991) mainly on EC funded research projects, I have joined Supelec (École Supérieure d’Électricité, Metz campus) my former school as a researcher and teaching assistant.

My research is about personalization of the user experience with online platforms. I am especially interested in online learning environments where I seek to track the student abilities and help them reach their learning goals. Other aspects of personalization which interest me include:

  • the definition of personalized and/or personified agent programs for agents that interact with the user
  • personalized information retrieval that can help students to find online resources matching their needs (for example).

I have been promoted professor @ Supelec in 2002.

I have been in charge of running the 3rd year option of Supelec about Computer Science and Knowledge Engineering from 2005 to 2010.

In 2010, I joined the Gif/Yvette campus of Supélec.

In 2015, École Centrale de Paris and Supélec merged into CentraleSupelec, and I am now a member of the LAHDAK team of the LRI.

I have recently been appointed by AFNOR as an expert member in the French National Body for ISO/JTC1 SC42 on Artificial Intelligence.